Windscreen Coating

We Can do Ceramic coating on your front windscreen, side windows and back windscreen. It is best when you drive car in rain.

  • Water replant
  • Dirt replant
  • Calcium and other acids replant

Windscreen coatings are very innovative way to improve your driving skills in the rain. Windscreen coating can help to have clear vision during rain in day or night by repelling the water from screen when you driving on more the 50-60 km p/h. It also make viper operation smooth and gentle on windscreen . It have many benefits such as

Having much clearer vision in rain day or night

Harsh Chemical resistant

Bird droppings

Tree sap resistant

Water repellent

Vipers scratch resistant

Smooth operation for viper blades

by the booked it last Up to 5-6 mths but can last up to 18 months