Cut And Polish

Cut and polish can enhance the look and can hold the value of your car. Paint correction, paint rejuvenation paint restoration are almost the same way to explain cut and polish. Cut and polish mainly use

  • Before Ceramic Coating Application
  • Removal of oxidisation from paint,
  • Light to heavy scratch removal from paint surface.

Above situations occur when your car paint get damage by using manual hand car washes using brushes, harsh chemicals and other wrong ways to wash the car.

Car detailing service Pakenham Cut And Polish

Factors Damaging Your Interior & Exterior

Parking car in direct sunlight without paint protection will oxidised car paint. There are some other factors which can cause damage to your cars interior and exterior.

  • UV Rays

  • Summer Heat

  • Bird Droppings

  • Tree Sap

  • Brake Dust

  • Rail Dust

  • Acid Rain

  • Industrial Fallout

We are professional car detailer. To remove dull look or oxidised paint Officer car detailing can carry out from single stage to multi stage paint correction process to restore your car near show room condition in one day. We do not use harsh chemical or fillers to have short term shine. We can enhance look of your car which will last for long term.

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