Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Ceramic Coating is a smooth hard layer which make your pride ride looks crisp and clear. It is idle to put coating as soon as you buy new car, because once you start getting deep scratches it will be hard and expensive to fix. Quartz, Liquid Glass and Nano Technology is the new age paint protection which last longer then traditional paint protection. Different types of coatings can use on wheels, leather seats protection and windscreen coatings.

There are so many coatings out there. Our long term experience in this industry shows us that most of the coatings will last only up to 2-5yrs of time. These coatings are clear coat which goes over on existing clear coat on new car. For used cars we have to remove damaged clear coat and need to apply new clear coat of ceramic coating. Ceramic coating on exterior paint have benefits.

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Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Service Officer

Why Car Paint Protection?

The biggest question is why we need car paint protection specially ceramic coating?

  • Protect you paint from oxidisation

  • Hold or increase value of your car

  • Easy wash off all the containments

  • Maintain original look for long time

  • Heat shield against UV rays

  • Best Paint Protection

  • “is ceramic coating is cost affective”?

As an example, traditional coatings which were use to last for only 6-9 months only and were not effective as ceramic coatings, We used to spend on traditional paint protection an average about $400 for one time protection. To maintain paint protection for 3 years of time We end up spending $400×4= $1600.

You can get our coating almost near half price compare to traditional coatings. These coatings not only last longer even it provide great all over protection and value to you pride ride.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating can not be applied straight on to the car, before we apply it we need to remove all the contaminations from the car. If car have lots of swirls marks, haze and holograms then we need to carry out paint correction for maximum shine and look. After all that we can seal the paint with coating. Our paint protection coating is also very hard coating which has abilitys of

  • Strong hydrophobic properties

  • Scratch resistant

  • 9h hardness

  • Water repellent

  • Dust repellent

  • Chemical repellent

  • Bird droppings

  • Tree sap

  • Brake dust

  • No mineral water spotting

  • Application

Ceramic Coating

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If you have existing ceramic coating paint protection which we can help you to maintain or repair just give us call to know that how your ceramic coating working.

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