Car Leather Protection

From $25 per seat

We can professionally clean your leather car seats. we use three step protection steps.We also can apply ceramic coating for long term protection (Extra Charges Apply).

  • Clean cracks of leather seats
  • Remove Body oils
  • Protection from UV
  • Make them look new ( No Silicon)

Leather coatings is another stage which can help you to hold the value of your asset for long time by protecting its seats like brand new for longer period of time if maintain well. Leather coatings also protect the seats from regular wear when driver is getting in or out.All the leather coatings prior to installation need to remove all the dirt and oils from the seats. Officer car detailing make sure of removing dirt and body oils before applying coating on leather seats for best results and the longevity of the coating. Leather coatings stand for these benefits.

Accidental liquid spill resistant

Uv rays resistant

Crack resistant

Stain resistant

Resistant of dye transfer from you cloths on jeans

Dirt resistant

Easy wipe off with alcohol wipes

Body oils resistant

Can last up to 12-18 months