Who We Are

Officer Car Detailing have our small studio set up in officer. In our studio, you can drop your car and can take our courtesy car. Officer Car Detailing is setting up new level for detailers in south eastern region of Melbourne. We do not use harsh chemicals and silicone based products, we use ecofriendly and quality products, which in turn look your ride amazingly head turner compare to old traditional methods. We can provide waterless wash based on vehicle condition.

Principles of Our Work

  • The vehicle is hand dried using deep-pile microfibre towels
  • Door shuts, petrol cap, arches and lower sections parts will be cleaned.
  • Wheels are cleaned using a non-acidic; citrus based cleaner
  • Our 1 stage paint correction removes moderate paint imperfections and restores gloss and clarity.

Have a project for us?

Leave it to Officer Car Detailing to enhanced your vehicle to its full potential. We are just one call away. Book your quote today, we are fully insured, police checked and fully trained.
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